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If you are tired of the old mlm lead generation strategies of calling your friends, family, or anyone you can meet, than you have arrived at the right place.

I remember my days of struggling...

First I made my list of my friends and my family. I purposely left people off the list that I didn't want to call because it was embarrassing and these are people I didn't want to get made fun of if things didn't work out. Really, being this uncomfortable let me know that there had to be a better process...

There was, but...

it would be years before I discovered a way to easily get mlm leads.

Now, I have my own mlm lead generator system that gathers leads from around the internet and deposits them into a list and automatically starts communicating with them for me. I choose who to end up working with...

Imagine having a system like this...

All awkwardness is removed because the leads come to you [no begging or harassing]. You communicate to them through automated emails and videos and get to find out if these leads deserve to talk to you. When they do, they know your name and are happy to talk with you, often excited to actually have you on the phone.

So happy, they almost wet their pants...

This might sound a little bit like a fantasy but it is real and I have been doing this for years now.

People have signed up in my company and bought hundreds of dollars of products without ever talking to me. Some people I talk to and they go sign up. Others beg me to know what it is I am doing...

No joke... This is real and its part of my MLM lead generation strategy.

My MLM Lead generation strategies, both free and paid helped me to generate tens of thousands of leads and over 18,000 visitors a month to my websites and blogs. This doesn't account for the hundreds of thousands of views on my youtube videos. I have sold thousands of dollars in products from MLM products, affiliate products, to solar generators and even my own digital products.

As a Coach and Tech Consultant for the last 4+ years, I have patiently helped others learn and implement the same strategies. My clients love that I'm patient, passionate about helping them, a bit of a comedian, have a tell-it-like-it-is honesty, and have awesome nunchuk skills. I can help you have rejection free lead generation and a successful network marketing business.

If you want to generate mlm leads that know you, love you, and want to join you, then sign up for that below.

Talk to You soon,
TJ Chambers

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